Drake and Edgar Allen Poe

Eventually, I will go through my log of the crazy things both Jareth and Drake have said or talked about over the past few years. I will even share some illustrations that I have drawn of the two of them. For now, the latest and longest curiosity of Drake’s life begins with Edgar Allen Poe.

The first time Drake [age 4] saw a photo of Edgar Allen Poe he began to cry. Not just a few tears, it was an ugly cry. The kind of cry that leaves you snot-nosed and blurry eyed. Through his sobs, he said, “My friend. My dear friend.”

Once he had calmed, I inquired as to why he called Poe his friend and what about him caused him to cry so hard.

His response?

“I loved him, he was my friend. He was very sick. He was found and had went to hospital where his heart stopped working. He’s gone now, I grew old and will always missed him.”

He started crying as he talked about it.

He’s lamenting softly, “Poe was my best friend. I loved him with all my heart.”

I’ve been a longtime fan of Poe’s work but I had never mentioned the writer to Drake or shared any details with him. This little bit of information was odd and fascinating as my sweet 4 year-old mourned a passing of someone he felt he had known.

If you are unfamiliar with Poe’s death, it happened under mysterious circumstances. His death has been largely speculated since his passing. A man whose works centered around the macabre. Here my son was crying over someone I had never had the pleasure of sharing his works with.

I looked up the date Edgar had passed. It had been some time since I had looked at the information, not since High School when I had written a report. The date, October 7, 1849. While Drake was born October 5th his brother, Jareth, was born October 7th — this is merely coincidence but it was an interesting happenstance.

Ever since that day, any time Drake see’s an image or homage to Poe his eyes well with tears. His lip quivers as he comments about seeing his “dear friend.”

Friends have commented that perhaps my son knew the poet in a past life. I have no explanation of the on-going lament he has. Since, we have read Poe’s works. His favorite work is Annabel Lee.

It was many and many a year ago, 
   In a kingdom by the sea, 
That a maiden there lived whom you may know 
   By the name of Annabel Lee; 
And this maiden she lived with no other thought 
   Than to love and be loved by me. 
I was a child and she was a child, 
   In this kingdom by the sea, 
But we loved with a love that was more than love— 
   I and my Annabel Lee— 
With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven 
   Coveted her and me. 
And this was the reason that, long ago, 
   In this kingdom by the sea, 
A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling 
   My beautiful Annabel Lee; 
So that her highborn kinsmen came 
   And bore her away from me, 
To shut her up in a sepulchre 
   In this kingdom by the sea. 
The angels, not half so happy in Heaven, 
   Went envying her and me— 
Yes!—that was the reason (as all men know, 
   In this kingdom by the sea) 
That the wind came out of the cloud by night, 
   Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee. 
But our love it was stronger by far than the love 
   Of those who were older than we— 
   Of many far wiser than we— 
And neither the angels in Heaven above 
   Nor the demons down under the sea 
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul 
   Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; 
For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams 
   Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; 
And the stars never rise, but I feel the bright eyes 
   Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; 
And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side 
   Of my darling—my darling—my life and my bride, 
   In her sepulchre there by the sea— 
   In her tomb by the sounding sea.

A few months after the initial breakdown over Edgar Allen Poe, I was hanging a print gifted to Drake from an Artist friend, Harold of Harold Neal – Paintings and Sculptures. The print is of Poe as a Raven.

As soon as he laid eyes on it he immediately began to cry.

“This is my Poe. My friend. He’s dead, I can’t be without him. He would love his Raven Poe. I miss Edgar.”

He hasn’t really stopped lamenting the loss, “I need him. I wish I knew how he died. No one knows and it’s sad. I miss him.”

Once and awhile, his lament for Edgar Allen Poe surfaces but not as deeply as it once had. It’s an interesting circumstance that may or may not unfold more to his story of friendship with the long dead poet.

I hope to share more with you all on this should it occur.


Krampus and The Santa Claus

Childhood should be magical.

Drake is really into Christmas. He always has been. Something about the twinkle and shine of it all. Among the typical Christmas related festivities and traditions, Santa Claus has been the one thing he loves the most. I, personally, love that he wants to believe in something magical.

Childhood should be magical.

I’m not one to take the boys to actually go and see Santa. It has only been recently that either of them is interested in seeing Santa. Previously, it was a fascination involving letter writing. This year, Santa visited Drake’s class. He even received a set of pajamas and a toy from the jolly fellow. The sheer fact that the pajamas featured a Lightening McQueen from Cars and the toy was a character from My Little Pony only fanned the flame of his love for Christmas.

But his love for Christmas includes the Germanic character of Yuletide lore – Krampus.

Being that he is indeed my child, he recently explained to those in our acquaintance that Krampus takes those who are bad and pretty much dismembers them. While he did not use the term dismember, he did relate the process beginning with decapitation and removal of limbs. This is all explained in sheer fascination and tone of “you had better heed my words.” He is, after all, an 80-year-old man stuck within a 5-year-old’s body. The “get off of my lawn” type, naturally.

Just today the boys watched The Santa Clause for the first time today. It has been several years since I have watched the film, while I am not a big fan of Tim Allen it is enjoyable and the boys really liked it. So much so, Drake declared, “See, I told you he is real.”

He later asked that I buy him a really tall rose such a ladder so that he can be on the roof. It’s not happening and he was informed that small children and even some adults should never be on ladders – myself included.

It is interesting how children perceive events and stories. I’d love to hear about your weird holiday traditions or beliefs you may have held as a kid or your own kids.

New Adventures in Cyberspace

Unusual and Funny stories of my two Hobbitses as they experience life’s journey. New Horizons.

Just a wee announcement. Curious Life of Hobbits isn’t leaving WordPress, however, it will be traveling to a main site that will include some of their cosplay adventures along with new costumes, and the illustrated book that is now in the planning stages.

We hope you continue to follow this blog and check out the main page for more weird and humorous stories.

The God People

Unusual and Funny Stories of my two Hobbitses as they experience life’s journey. The God People are a new mystery shared between the boys.

I’m not sure where the concept of the God People came from. Jareth mentioned it casually one day to his Dad. It was later related to me that the God People had masks that look like animals and Jareth had seen a few of the God People’s masks.

Later, about a week, Drake began to talk of the Man in the Sky who would bring snow. He said the man was one of the God People. He was hopeful the Man in the Sky would fulfill his wish. I asked where he had heard about this weather controlling man who’s abode lay within the sky but he had no explanation for me. He simply restated that the Man in the Sky was a God People.

I’ve inquired further into who or what the God People are but my children remain fairly nondescript and tight lipped. In my mind I see looming cloaked figures wearing masks to cover their void visiting them in their dark little dreams. While I am sure this is far from the reality, it is hard to now allow my imagination to wander in this case. I plan to investigate this further.

This intersting case of the God People held my curiosity but now it has my attention.

The Floor is Lava

Unusual and Funny stories of my two Hobbitses as they experience life’s journey. This story contains lava and lions, what more can an imagination desire?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the floor is lava.

It’s not uncommon for either Jareth or Drake to say something absurdly cute. Every once and awhile they say something that stops me dead in my tracks and burst into laughter. It really is easy to forget the perspective kids have on the world, our jaded cynical views are a blinder that prohibits an untainted memory.

I find it highly amusing when they choose to play “the floor is lava.” It is certainly a game I recall playing but never teaching. It’s quite possible they harvested such a notion from school, friends, or YouTube…ugh, YouTube.

The fascination with lava recently graduated to another level after Drake’s first school field trip to the zoo. We are no strangers to the OKC Zoo. We are ZooFriends and have the yearly pass. That being said, schools are granted special access to educational areas designed specifically for field trips.

Naturally, I was curious about what he was able to see and know more about this new experience. I was met with the following description:

“Well, you see…there was a lion who was shotted into lava. Then there was a bad guy with a gun but he’s gone.”

Lava. A lion shotted into lava.

Well, our Zoo certainly upped their exhibit game. ABout a day or so later I was retelling his story when he interrupted me…

“Well, it was actually like this. The hunter shot a monkey. The lava turned into water and the water turned into a magic door,” he paused dramatically, “then I yelled, ‘I command you to bring me milk!'”

I have now concluded that our zoo is hiding a lava pit and that my son is a wizard.


Unusual and Funny stories of my two Hobbitses as they experience life’s journey. Halloween is magic – no matter what age.

As a cosplayer, nothing is more stressful than Halloween. It’s hard to explain because people figure you either pull from your costume selection or make something…most of the time those costumes take so much effort to even put on for a few short hours of wear. Not to say I’ve not worn an intricate costume for a short event. It’s a weird conundrum. The thing is, having children cosplayers is far more difficult this time of year.

Both Jareth and Drake love their costumes. They get excited about events where we can have an opportunity to wear them. Maybe it’s the fact that Halloween is just silly and fun, but even for them picking a Halloween designated costume is a struggle. Last year was the first year I purchased a bagged costume from the store for them. I’m not opposed to doing so, but generally, I can make a better quality version – even if it’s Frankensteined from Thrift Store finds. Let’s face it, a good deal of costumes I hand-make for the boys and even myself have an element of Frankensteined Thrift Finds to them. Cosplay is expensive.

This year was no different. We added a few new costume options to their cosplay wardrobe over the year, too. To no avail, none of the costumes we currently had were Halloween worthy.

Before I get to what was decided, let me give you – dear reader – a snapshot of our Halloween season. I won’t lie, it’s as big as Christmas in our home.

We generally attend at least one Halloween party thrown by our close friends. We also go trick or treating at a local event in Bricktown (OKC). It’s called Brick or Treat and includes almost all the local businesses. The kids love it. Who wouldn’t? That’s a lot of candy before Halloween night. Somewhere in this mix either before or after Halloween, while not being Halloween related at all, we attend our local Dia de Los Muertos event. It’s an important part of our community and the opportunity to celebrate a wonderful culture is not to be missed. Then… Halloween.

We go trick or treating at an infamously haunted neighborhood close to our own. It’s wonderful. So many decorated houses. It all looks like it jumped right out of a Halloween film, the only thing missing is a crazed murderer.

This year the boys picked out store-bought costumes. Jareth wanted to go old school and chose to be a werewolf. Drake finally found a really cute Supergirl costume that he instantly declared would be his Halloween costume. Both equally cute and decent quality (not printed gauze).

Then the realization that we also had Brick or Treat and our friend’s Halloween party to attend, the idea of doing a group/family cosplay arose when I picked my costume for this year. The end result was a second costume to wear to those two events (not too unusual in our home).

What did we choose? Bob’s Burgers, of course. I had decided to be Linda Belcher, regardless of anyone else joining in. That quickly evolved into Drake wanting Louise’s bunny ear has and being her. Then Jareth declared that if we both were doing Bob’s Burgers that he was going to be Beefsquatch (Gene Belcher). This all occurred on Sunday…the party is this Saturday.

So, I decided making Louise’s dress for Drake would be my best bet. [Note: I really need to start documenting my costume related projects to share the step-by-step process]. I’d already purchased a wig for myself and one for him to refashion for the costumes. For Jareth, the challenge was a burger costume and a sasquatch mask – preferably one very similar to the show. After a massive disappointment in the burger department from a web search led to the realization that I’d have to make it. THe mask, licensed Bob’s Burger Merch, was found on Amazon and ordered quickly (thank you, Amazon Prime).

To make the burger I headed to the dreaded Wal-Mart to purchase the cheapest cotton fabric in a bun tan color. I had leftover felt from their birthday party favors.

I cut two circles from cardboard, then cut two circles from the fabric that were larger than the cardboard circles. I proceeded to hot glue the fabric to the cardboard until I was able to start stuffing it. Once I achieved a bun-like look, I cut up the felt (yellow, green, white, red) to make the burger accouterment to hot glue to the underside and the white felt cut into sesame seeds to hot glue to the top. I used leftover scrap material from my basket of fabric scraps to make the straps.

Jareth was super excited to see the final burger and is one happy kid. Drake’s Louise Dress was made from a Boy’s green XXL t-shirt purchased for $2.50 from Wal-Mart. I basically cut it down into the dress and created sleeves from the scraps.


For the wigs, I used an automotive silicone spray to keep them from becoming tangled and unmanageable, which helps a lot for kid’s wigs.

While I am still working on my wig, the boys’ costumes are finished. I am sure they will get a lot of wear from them even after Halloween is over.

Curious Life of Hobbits: Adventures of Jareth and Drake

Unusual and Funny stories of my two Hobbitses as they experience life’s journey. Adventures are often difficult but they are made easier when you have a loyal companion and best friend – especially when that person is your brother.

First of all, welcome.

While we are avid Tolkien fans, this blog is not about the Hobbits of Middle Earth but my boys – Jareth (age 7) and Drake (age 5).

They are very similar to Hobbits in many ways. They love the world of Middle Earth and the adventure of Bilbo and Frodo. Their first actual cosplays were as Frodo and Sam. They have since added many other costumes to their closet of cosplays and have participated in a few Cosplay contests.

This blog is dedicated to their Cosplays, Adventures, and the crazy stuff they say and talk about. They say a lot of funny weird things.

For many years friends have mentioned that I should publish an illustrated book of what they say. I may do that very thing one day. For now, I will share them here so that I can reference it all later and have an easier way of sharing it with you all.

Both Jareth and Drake have such interesting personalities and quirks. While they like many similar things, they have their own way of viewing life.

I hope you enjoy our journey. Forever there and back again.

Bekah June